In 1776, Captain John Paul Jones raised the Flag of our Nation over the USS Alfred, marking the first time a flag of the newly formed United states of America was flown over an American warship.  His act of courage and determination helped announce the birth of our nation, so we are proud to be known as John Paul Jones Elementary, the "Home of the Patriots."  

The Jones teaching community is excited about the strong educational opportunities which have been designed for your children.  If you are a family new to Jones, we extend to you a special welcome.  I believe our school will continue to improve each year as new families contribute their time, talents and ideas. 

The goal of Jones Elementary School is to provide excellence in education, which concentrates on core skills.  The core skills include reading, writing, language, math, science, social studies and the arts.  These skills will prepare students to live in our changing society.  The instruction provided to the individual learner expects him/her to use the maximum of his learning ability in a positive school climate which encourages trust, warmth, and self-discipline.

To The Student – Today you are creating your future.  Use your gifts, talents, and best effort to take advantage of this opportunity to learn.  This is your chance for life in America at its fullest. 

To The Parent - Your child needs to be of strong character and well educated to function effectively in today’s society.  He/she needs to have a deep respect for intelligence, achievement, learning, and for disciplined work.  You have a right to expect the best for your child that can be given with the resources available.  The personnel in the school accept that responsibility and ask that you actively participate in the education of your child.  Nurture your child’s curiosity, creativity, and confidence.  Encourage good study habits, monitor home study, and provide time and books for recreational reading.  If you have a suggestion, concern, or problem about his/her progress in school, communicate with the teacher, counselor, or administrator. 

This can be the best year your child has ever had in school.  Let’s begin by regular, ongoing communication between home and school.  If you wish to discuss your child’s grades, etc., please set up an appointment during the teacher’s planning period so they may talk freely.  Please call the school office and leave a message, or you may email the teacher at any time.

Mr. Bradley Griffin, Principal

Vision and Mission statement

Tulsa Public Schools is the destination for extraordinary educators who work with our community and families to ignite the joy of learning and prepare every student for the greatest success in college, careers and life.

Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals and make positive contributions to our world.